Bill And Deb Hayes

Hello and welcome to our art site. Deb has always loved photography and has been photographing and storing images on our computers for years and years. I, Bill, retired from a 41 year career in late 2012 and after doing so I got the bug at Deb's request to give it a try. WE enrolled and attended many photography classes plus I purchased & started learning several photography related editing software programs. Next came camera & lens upgrades and it goes on & on. We are rather happy with the results we have achieved and according to several other seasoned and well respected photographers who are Fine Art America members we are producing very high quality photography and digital art. As a matter of fact over the past few months many of our images have been featured by highly respected art groups, which has honored and continues to honor us tremendously. This is NOT something we let go to our "heads" so to speak as we realize we still have much to learn. Therefore, the journey continues. As written above Deb has loved photography for many years but never in all my earlier years would I have thought I would ever have an interest in this photography world. However, I have found it to be tremendously fascinating and self rewarding. Especially with the results one can achieve with the help of the latest computer software programs of today. I have learned it takes serious skills to learn and know how to work around and with photographs to bring the very best out of them. No easy task at all. And we continue to learn and learn as it is a never ending adventure it seems. Deb & I were both born in and are now, once again, living in south Georgia but not in our hometowns of birth. However, because of and during my prior career we traveled, relocated and lived in many different areas of the USA. Although we once again live in south Georgia we are members of the NW Florida Nature Photography Group based in Tallahassee and have been members since early 2016. Through this amazing group we have expanded our photography knowledge tremendously through their generosity including classes and field trips as well as one on one training. We cannot say enough good things about this group. The final judgement is up to you, the public, as to whether or not we are worthy to be considered artists; photographers, digital or otherwise. Maybe you can decide as you view our posted images. I will waste no more of your time. Take care dear people. Life moves along. Hopefully for the better for most of us, at least for those of us who put in the effort. Remember "Art Excites & Soothes Life" = Bill and Deb Hayes


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